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  • Paweł Nowak

    “We are geeks and programmers, not sales managers. We've tested several customer relations managers in past but we loved AgenoCRM for simplicity and being "mini". AgenoCRM is used in Presspad, Untitled Kingdom and for sure we will recommend to others.”

    Paweł Nowak, PressPad
  • FreshMail Logo

    “AgenoCRM can be solid help with relation management in sales department. Speed, easy of use and ability to adapt specific needs by adding custom fields. AgenoCRM helps keep our attention on clients and quickly becomes sales ally.”

    Bartosz Gil, FreshMail​
  • Piotr Lasek

    “In air business all that matters is solid plan and consistent realization of prepared strategy. Thanks to AgenoCRM all our customer relations are on highest level.”

    Piotr Lasek, Plane4You - Centrum Sprzedaży Samolotów
  • Dallmayr

    “After review several online CRM tools we chose AgenoCRM because simplicity and combination of most important CRM parts. Great support helped with import our data and speeded up introduction of map feature.”

    Rafał Trębicki, Dallmayr
  • Grzegorz Figoń

    “I have tested over 20 online CRMs. It's hard to find simple application to manage customer relations. Especially with ability to run custom sales data within an hour.”

    Grzegorz Figoń,
  • Home Asset Logo

    “We needed system which is simple to use and has ability to handle custom structured data. Thats AgenoCRM - simplicity and ease of use. Highly recommended!”

    Piotr Struczyński,
  • Bartłomiej Szamałek Brandlove

    “Ease of use and fast, friendly help from team makes plan extension an obvious and not negotiable decision. AgenoCRM helps us effective manage our customer relations and perfectly fits our team.”

    Bartłomiej Szamałek, Brandlove
  • Piotr Szostek

    “I recommend AgenoCRM as perfect CRM solution for freelancers and small companies. It helps manage my tasks and contacts. Keeps my head free of worries!”

    Piotr Szostek, Freelancer
  • AgenoCRM - simple CRM for small companies
    Rated 5/5 based on 8 reviews.
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