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Maksymilian Śleziak

What is AgenoCRM?

AgenoCRM responses for small companies and freelancers needs. Helps keep in control customer relations, tasks for coworkers, deals and sales. It shines in modern businesses connected with services and retail. Ease of use and thought out usability makes AgenoCRM simple to learn even for people without experience in CRM solutions. User data are protected and stored in professional server room. Our backup system exclude data lose. Connection between user and application is encrypted.

Application is sold in SaaS model. Thanks to availability only from internet browser our clients are not exposed for additional costs of installation, implementation and system maintenance. Variety of plans make AgenoCRM inexpensive and in case of micro company or freelancer - free.

Company Ageno from Bielsko-Biała (Poland) is creator of AgenoCRM. Authors provide continuous development and updates.

  • Over 500 companies
    logs into AgenoCRM
  • 95% clients
    recommends us to their friends
  • 91% users
    are small companies


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Contacts, tasks, deals and reports.


Maksymilian Śleziak and Krzysztof Kowalik.

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