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About us

As AgenoCRM we want to expand our services into creating a base of articles and authors willing to publish them on a website with hundreds of monthly entries. The articles we would like to publish here are focused on the reader, telling about significant subjects, reaching to a certain group of receivers and sharing verified interesting information. We would like to unite lots of authors, who have something to say on any subject.

Join us!

We have an extended base of readers interested in articles from the areas of sales, economy, marketing, PR and alike. We would like to offer them reliable articles, sharing specific verified information.

That is why we are looking for authors, who are willing to create their works in the areas of business, increasing work productivity, successful marketing, sales, running a company, PR and the topics alike.

Why us?

  • We want to give an opportunity for our authors to express themselves within the areas they are interested in, where they have something to share. We value their knowledge, preparation and orientation within the area.
  • We want to promote our authors – the most interesting articles will be promoted on our websites, shared in social media and exposed to a broader area of readers.
  • We would like to pay you. Also under every piece we put the full name of the author, his photo and a short summary. We do not want to only promote ourselves, but you as well.

How does it work?

  • Send us a sample of your workscontact us, tell us who you are and what you would like to write about and include the sample of your previous work.
  • Writing check – we care about the articles to be integral, free from grammar and spelling errors, clear and including a lot of information on the subject.
  • Next steps – we will analise every article and value its reading and content – if the given article will be marked as good, we will ask you to finish it for us. The articles will be checked on many fields – such as not being similar to other, already published articles, sharing a proper amount of information, being based on specified resources etc.
  • If for some reason we would see the article as not fitting to our base, we will let you know and ask for it to be corrected or changed. Due to timing and technical reasons we cannot always give a full evaluation and marking all of the issues – but we are always open for new propositions and new works from our authors.

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